Application of inorganic membrane technology

/waste water

MBR is a new and efficient sewage treatment technology, which combines the efficient separation of membrane and biodegradation to improve the efficiency of sewage treatment.By 2014,the cumulative processing capacity of MBR project has reached 5 to 6 million M3

Sea wate

The lack of water resources in China promotes the development of seawater desalination projects in coastal areas.  By 2014, China has completed and put into operation a total of 81 sets of seawater desalination units, with a total water production capacity of nearly 1 million M3/d, indicating a huge market in the future. 

The mine wastewater
“Zero” emissions

China’s inland areas are short of water resources and high pressure environmental protection policies lead to a large number of mine sewage urgently need to be treated.
As a new and efficient solid-liquid separation technology, membrane is widely used in solid-liquid separation and mine “0” discharge. The comprehensive utilization of wastewater will be effectively utilized and the market prospect is huge.

Drinking water

Frequent exposure of water pollution incidents has shaken our confidence in water safety, and membrane technology is the best choice for effectively trapping particles, bacteria and viruses.
The number of membrane water plants in China increased from 7 in 2000 to 69 in 2011. By the end of 2014, the total scale has exceeded 3 million M3/d.  Low-cost whole house water can be directly safe to drink, very competitive in the market.

Nano flat ceramic membrane

Nano flat ceramic membrane is another revolution in the field of membrane. It adopts inorganic materials such as Al2O3, ZrO2, TiO2, SiO2, SiC, etc., which are formed by special process and calcined at upper thousand degree high temperature. High-performance ceramic membrane materials can achieve high flux and high selectivity for pollutant separation.  Compared with organic membrane materials, it has good environmental adaptability and good performance-price ratio. 

Application field

Underground water

Surface water

Mine and industrial
waste water

Sea water

Municipal wastewater

Industrial wastewater

Operation mode of engineering project

Asset-light delivery mode: take design technology as the core, master both ends of the ecological chain, and deliver high-quality projects through joint venture/cooperation/outsourcing.
Expansion of profit model: In the future, it will gradually expand to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, such as patent authorization and independent construction, and enrich operation delivery methods and profit means.

Introduction of the factory

Quality and capacity assurance

The guaranteed capacity is 1 million M2/ year
Absolute low cost advantage
Ultra-high performance-price ratio

It has a fully automated ceramic film production line with a total length of nearly 100 meters and an annual capacity of 1 million M2.