Solar Panels Factory

High-quality materials, perfect technology, more reliable and safe product quality.

The first-class suppliers of raw materials, ensure products are free from detects in materials and workmanship.

1. Solar Cell Test

2. Cell Sorting

3. Laser Scribing

4. Cell Welding

5. Lay-up

6. EL Test



7. Lamination

8. Framing

9. Clean

10. Solidification

11. EL/IV Test

12. Packaging


12 years material technology gurantee
12 years 90% output power gurantee
25 years 80% output power gurantee

Automatic Welding Machine

Realize MBB’s mass production guarantee the precision of welding, reduce artificial factors and improve the production efficiency, to make sure the quality of the product

Automatic laminator

Adopt PLC automatic human intelligent control. PID temperature control of high precision,parameter display intitive and strong compatibility for high efficiency and yield

Solar Simulator

High reilability high precision simulation on STC test environment, Surpass linear electronic load to ensure the components pover precision.

EL Detector

Full automatic quickly select the component defects such as pieces, cracked and black side and so on: High image resolution and high detection efficiency to ensure the quality of the finished product.