Core technology

High flux nano flat ceramic membrane


It is 10 times of organic film, more than 2 times of tubular ceramic film


It’s 3-5 times bigger than the organic film


Relative organic membrane cost reduced by more than 30%

Wide application:

Suitable for seawater desalination, mining, chemical and other fields

Product advantage: save energy, shorten process

High flux nano flat ceramic membrane

Suction Filtration

Flat ceramic membrane

Cpc-250 plate ceramic membrane water treatment standard module, through flow optimization design, can achieve the maximum performance of the membrane. Filtration channels allow flux rates up to 500 LMH (5m³/ h for standard modules) with minimal pressure loss per module. The entire enclosure, as well as all accessories, is metal free, allowing it to be used in the harshest applications while achieving a very long service life. In addition, modules do not need to be connected around frames or hoses.

High flux nano flat ceramic membrane

1. Backwashing

Use membrane effluent as backwash water,  Thus reducing clogging (membrane differential pressure rise).

2. High pressure spray clean water

Using high pressure water cleaning, it is possible to simply remove the solid sludge attached to the membrane surface

3. Chemical spray


Use membrane effluent as backwash water,  Thus reducing clogging (membrane differential pressure rise).

Drug liquid cleaning

  • Excellent chemical resistance, no film degradation
  • Choose different chemical agents according to different pollutants
  • Such as: NaOH, NaCLO, HCL and so on

Optional: high pressure injection system (for comprehensive cleaning of membrane surface)

  • Top spray optimization design, unique Angle design, comprehensive cleaning of spray design
  • Water spray to prolong chemical cleaning cycle
  • Chemical spray cleaning, effectively remove cell membrane, surface dirt, membrane flux recovery time is shorter

EcoFuture product series

Membrane technology as the core of water treatment intelligent equipment providers and service providers

1. Flat ceramic film

2.  Flat ceramic membrane group

3. Having a flat ceramic membrane as the core. Integrated equipment for industrial applications 


EcoFuture product series:

centering on the core technology of flat ceramic membrane, develop the application of blue ocean market

Product type

UF filter 
Plate ceramic ultrafiltration

Product value

No.3th generation technology

Filtering precision


Minimum filtering substance

Different color smell
Partial bacterial virus
Partial VOC (macromolecule) colloid

Filter retention substance

Bacterial virus
Partial organic VOC (small molecule)
Inorganic salt water molecules

Applications field

Municipal and rural domestic sewage
Wastewater from chemical, electronic
and electroplating industries
Textile, paper and other industrial
waste water
Petrochemical industry, oil and
water separation

Product type

MF filter

Plate ceramic hydrosol pretreatment membrane

Product value

No.3,5th generation technology

Filtering precision


Minimum filtering substance

For simple coarse filtration
Filter sediment from the water
Rust and other large particle impurities,  Suspended matter in water, tiny particles

Filter retention substance

Bacterial virus
Partial organic VOC  (small molecule
Inorganic salt water molecules

Applications field

Seawater desalination pretreatment
Solid – liquid separation in industry and mine
Treatment of landscape watercourses

Product type

NF filter( In the final testing)  

Flat ceramic nanofiltration membrane

Product value

No.4th generation technology

Filtering precision


Minimum filtering substance

Bacterial virus
(VOC)All Organic pollutants (VOC)
Heavy metal ion incrustant

Filter retention substance

Partial mineral
The water molecules

Applications field

Advanced treatment of water purification industry
Pharmaceuticals industry
Surface water removed organic matter
Separation and concentration of natural medicines

Technical analysis of competing products:

Electron microscope contrast of 100 nm flat ceramic membrane

Ming Dian House (Japan)

ITN Baan Water

Gongtao Institute


Project analysis and comparison of different membrane products

Investment analysis of other technology of plate ceramic ultrafiltration membrane