Company profile – Solar panels

ECOFUTURE is a core supplier of many large key projects in China, and is also a supplier of photovoltaic modules and correlative products which is selected, trusted and recommended by many professional designing institutes.

Our management team is experienced and professional. Our core products-PV modules are rational designed, excellent in workmanship and stable performance, power range covers 3Wp-400Wp, are widely used in photovoltaic power stations, BIPV&BAPV, satellite communications, geological monitoring and forest fire prevention,etc. Our products are exported to Europe, America,Asia-Pacific and Africa.


Selecting ECOFUTURE’s PV module will be obtained

More Professional Product Planning

Through customer demand analysis, provide personalized product customization suggestions,produce professional product specifications and drawings.

More Power Options

The design power of photovoltalc modules covers a range of 3Wp-400Wp, and the optional range covers more than 95% of the range of similar products.

Higher conversion efficiency

By choosing high conversion efficiency batteries, high transparency tempered glass and EVA,high conductivity wires and junction boxes, and adopting mature and stable packaging technology, the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic modules wll be up to 20-21%.

More stable product performance

The photovoltaic module can operate more stably. While reducing power attenuation,it has excellent anti-humidity,anti-ultraviolet and anti-snowstorm capabilities. The actual service life of the photovoltaic module wil reach more than 30 years.

More reliable services

ECOFUTURE pays more attention to customer experience and provides reliable technical service and quality assurance for customers through various convenient ways such as service hotline and email.

About us Ecofuture

Company profile – Wastewater

EF is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and service of ceramic flat membrane technology; It is the only manufacturer in the world with independent intellectual property rights and production capacity of products ranging from microfiltration, ultrafiltration to nanofiltration. We have an annual production capacity of 1.5 million square meters of flat ceramic membranes, and have become the largest supplier of ceramic flat membrane in the world. According to different customer needs, EF provides application products in water purification, sewage treatment, seawater desalination and special industries, and provides customers with high-quality solutions.
EF is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and application of flat ceramic membranes, PC-MBR membrane module, flat ceramic membrane micro-integrated equipment, flat ceramic membrane integrated sewage treatment equipment, and flat ceramic membrane oil-water separation equipment.
The ” Ceramic Flat Membrane” independently developed by EF. EF greatly optimizes the traditional pretreatment process and MBR water treatment process, and newly defines the pretreatment method and PC-MBR (ceramic flat membrane Bio-Reactor) new membrane biology reaction technology has become a new technology choice for wastewater treatment in industries such as seawater desalination, petrochemical, coal chemical, municipal wastewater, electroplating, papermaking, printing and dyeing, slaughter, breeding, mining, electronics, and car washing.